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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I hear you.

I don't think the i3 will be like those cars you mention in that, my understanding is that the body shell will be virtually all carbon fiber. I could be wrong about that, however that is my recollection from reading the press material and looking at the pictures that BMW release back when it was still called the "Megacity". In any case this won't effect the 7 series since it won't be nearly that carbon intensive - but as things evolve and time goes on it will no doubt gradually move in that direction assuming that the whole CFRP revolution within BMW has legs.

I would be interested to see the outcomes of structural carbon fiber repairs in today's cars and also other applications. Can you repair a carbon fiber ski or ski pole, for example? I have to admit I'd be surprised if you could. Well, not that you'd want to anyway, but it was just an off the cuff example to establish a base-line. What about a broken carbon fiber bicycle frame? Or a a brake rotor (I think they make those now, right F-599X)? Are they making carbon fiber suspensions now days? I think maybe in race cars right? Do they repair those? Not that you'd necessarily even want to repair such things if they were made from steel or aluminum either, but you probably could with success if you really needed to. Just some thoughts.

The i3 is basically a occupant cell sitting on a aluminum subframe. I imagine BMW will use this or some very similar technique when it all trickles down the BMW brand line.

A ski construction i'm not sure about but a ski pole usually has a different type of construction. It's usually not a woven fabric but a continuous fiber strand or group of fiber strands wrapped around like you see on a spool of thread. If you look at some of them closely you will see this, as well as the pattern made by the varying strand orientations. Same for a lot of race car suspension arms and links. Brake disc are and entirely different construction as well, I don't think they are repairable or should be.