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Originally Posted by Blubaron79 View Post
Ok captain crazy. Plants do process c02, but not on the level humans are producing it, and the conspiracy of oil not being finite is 20x more of a crazy conspiracy theory than the Kennedy assassination.

Quit wasting your mind...
Crazy enough to be a cover story on Time magazine about 18 years ago.

But don't worry; nothing you can or are going to try to do is going to "save" the planet. Live your life, pollute as least as you can, conserve resources as much as you can (I do), but thinking a $150,000 carbon fiber car is going to preserve the planet's status quo (as you now know of it) is wasting your mind.

I'm just curious how BMW is going to deal with European Union requirements for car recycling. Although carbon fiber is recyclable it is sure to be tens of times more expensive than recycling metals.

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