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Originally Posted by E39hijinks View Post
Yes because sitting on our asses is exactly what we need to do as a society. Let's just make more crap using the technology we already have. Lets not think outside the box or develop new ideas. Exactly!

How do you get out of bed in the morning??? I really don't understand this kind of logic.
You mad bro? I suggested a more AFFORDABLE alternative than using a lot of a very expensive material in an already expensive vehicle. In case you didn't know, developing new technologies does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of, what is that thing called again...time. So instead of getting all salty on me with a useless post like the one you posted, how about you think about what you want to say. I am coming from a business standpoint (because I am a businessman), so what I said makes sense to me. If you really want BMW to use new technologies and think outside the box, go design these new techs yourself.

Besides, how do you expect people not to sit on their asses when they have to make daily commutes to/from work that are MILES long? Bike the whole way? Be my guest, do what makes you happy.
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