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Originally Posted by Blubaron79 View Post
Go read a few Patrick Michaels books and you'll understand why 99% of climatologists agree with each other. Dr. Michaels scientific studies of lake bed core samples shows there was 12% more CO2 in the atmosphere 10,000 years ago than there is today, and the Earth’s mean temperature was cooler by a few degrees that it is today.

What your issue is the climate is changing and you THINK it is bad. The Earth's climate has always changed, and will always change, regardless of what animals - and the processes they bring, live here. You're worried about keeping the climate the same for the next hundred or million years, why? The climate is going to change regardless; it is not going to change any more differently if you drive a Prius or a Suburban. 5 million years from now the Earth is going to be entirely different than it is today as it was totally different from today 5 million years ago.