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My only worry is that new speedometer and tach display will be harder work than a fixed one. Same for the F10/F11 when they get it.
See, on a fixed display such as the E90 and F30, you get to know after a while where everything is without looking at it. This means that whilst on the road, I don't have to look directly at my speedometer but just acknowledge the rough needle position and know I'm doing 60mph, so I can keep my eyes on the road.

With these displays that vary between the driving modes, I imagine this is harder work and you will actually have to look and figure out how fast you are going - taking your eyes off the road.
I will admit though, they look really cool and I suppose you will get to know all 3 displays after a long while. A good selling point for HUD!
Cool, but think at this moment I prefer the Black Panel Display on the current F10/F11, but haven't seen the new one in person yet so couldn't be sure!

Smart car, like it.

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