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Secret M7 Front Bumper Project

Well I was happy with the Alpina Front lip addition for a few weeks, but I get bored very easily. There are not many options out there for us 7 series guys. I am not a fan of the MSport kit offered by BMW. I feel it is just too plain.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to do the unthinkable. I contacted my buddy Long Tran over at LTBMW after seeing some of his incredible hybrid bumper creations on display at Bimmerfest. His 1M bumper conversion on the new F30 was simply amazing.

We came up with an idea to create our own M7 bumper. I purchased another 7 series bumper and Long was able to obtain a F10 M5 bumper. He was able to cut the bumper in half and keep the top portion F01 and then cut and plastic weld the bottom half of the M5 bumper. Thus creating a frank stein bumper, but definitely a look that BMW should have included as a factory option.

We also had to purchase a F10 M5 bottom plastic undertray and modify it to fit the f01 chassis.

Just waiting for a few aftermarket companies to come up with a nice carbon fiber front lip and I think I will finally be done.

Picking up the car tomorrow and hopefully we have some more pictures for you guys then.