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Originally Posted by dbs600
Somehow this is not working for me, but before I begin, please note I’m very concerned with the potential to lose my seat/wheel/mirror adjustments, radio presets and other vehicle settings, BUT THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS:

There are two drivers with two keys with both Memory 1 and Memory 2 for the driver’s seat programmed. HOW DO I program the car so that when I use my key to unlock the car, Memory 1 for the driver’s seat is pulled up, while when the other key is used to unlock the car, Memory 2 for the driver’s seat is pulled up!?

Otherwise, why is “Parked-Car Ventilation” greyed-out and I'm not able to select from same? What does the feature do anyway; the car can turn on its HVAC fans at a preset time (i.e.: for morning and evening commutes at 8:30 AM and 5:30 AM, respectively)?

Please advise.

Hi, first, each profile gets its own independent memory settings..m1 and m2.

Second, go to settings and profiles. Then create your own (move idrive to the right).

Name your profile and another one if someone else drives your car.

Now, the trick is to understand your key fob is not linked to a profile per se. It becomes linked to whatever profile was active when the car was locked. So, it's easy to screw up.

Program memory button 8 to change profiles to the alternate. Then, switch profiles, then program memory 8 to switch to your profile.

So, you hover your finger over memory 8. If it says the other persons profile, you know yours is selected.

You can also tell idrive to ask you each time the you startup the car what profile you want.

Next, there is no direct link between a profile and a memory button. Whatever seat settings were last used on that profile will return after it is reselected.

I agree there should be a direct link between a key fob and a profile. And, there should be a direct link between a profile and a seat memory.

But there is not as it only indirect.