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advice needed from 7 series experts,

hi all,

im a frequent reader to this site, but i registered now to ask you guyz a few questions that will put me at ease regarding buying my car,

getting to the point, the dealer in my country is giving us a very niice offer for 750li 2012 because they want to clearout the stock as the facelifted one will be arrived,

anyway since i didnt like much the new interior and cant see any reason to spend extra 20k $ for the new facelifted 7 , still i hate the idea that i will ride a car which will look a lil bet older when the 2013 will be on our streets.

so what i care to know is in time when i can afford i would like to change the exterior as much as i could so i can make it look like the facelifted one

i need to know can i change the read lights to the new darker one? and the front led headlights? the grills, bumbers, those additional chrome all of it i just want to know which one i can change for sure and which one will aquire more work to change like painting and cutting..

and regarding the wheels also, i like the 750 21' wheel if i put my 740 on those wheels will it affect the car or its fine to do so?

srry for making it long and i tried the best explaining what i need to know,,

waiting ur reps and thx