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Originally Posted by powerguy2012 View Post
thx for ur HELPFULL rep ifanatic =) ..

thats what i wanted to know if i could change the front and rear lights without cutting regardless of the cost , it will be done in the future only..

i have 2 more questions guys :

1- the wheels in 750 2013 will be changed or they will use the same wheels as before?

2- if you guyz had to choose between 2012 740 or 2010 750 both are new cars with 0 milage, which one will you prefer?????
Same wheels for the LCI models coming to Canada but the EU models might have some new wheel options but I haven't seen any pictures online of any new wheels. And I would personally go for the 750 because of the power under the hood.

Originally Posted by luigimaster24 View Post
interested in what would need to be done to make the new led headlights work
Same here, there's not enough 7 series owners that mod, if we were over on the 3 series forum we would already have people trying this retrofit.