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Depends on what you mean by adding on.

I love the camera system. I think it's saved a scrape or two already and makes parking this large girl simple.
speed limit info not that helpful, in my opinion. I don't have it now and don't miss it. I think this is more important when speed cameras are in abundance. I try to stay below 85mph on the interstate, and when I'm not, I know I'm not.
The head up display is the bomb. You can follow the nav directions without it interrupting your MOG stream. Lane departure warning I turn off- the warning is the same as the blind spot, and constant warnings desensitize your brain to the real threat, which is someone hiding in the blind spot, not drifting 2 cm over the dotted line.
So I'd order the package. But it would be ridiculous to add that stuff onto an exisiting 2013 that was ordered without it.
I would order BMW apps. The streaming MOG service has become a "must have" for any car I would consider in the future and is my favorite feature.
I would skip the butt massager- if it did the back as well might be worth it but I find it annoying and never use it. I could take or leave ventilated seats too- not THAT effective, and decreases the cleanability/usability of the leather.
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