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Originally Posted by dbs600
My car is 2 years old, has 18,000 miles and Ive been experiencing a long crank more and more often, where after I press the start button it takes the car more than 1 or 2 ignition cranks to get the engine going. Unfortunately, the problem is intermittent and presents itself, if at all, once or twice a day; usually in the morning. The dealer states they are unable to duplicate the complaint. How do I get them to reproduce or acknowledge the problem? Is any data saved on the cars computer systems? Thanks!
Take a video that shows the tach and the start button in the same frame.

Then count aloud on the recording:


Then keep focused on the tach.

When you encounter the problem, show the normal video and then the video with the long start.

Typically, the tach will become stabilized when the engine has started. If you have the ability to display a timestamp on the video then that would be best.