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I watched this a few times. A couple of observations from a 2013 F02 750Li xDrive owner:

not sure why they did not compare a SWB xDrive B7. Probably pulls another 5% off drag times

My car has no throttle response lag whatsoever in sport & sport+ mode

The S8 has launch control...might be something for B7 or M Sport Pkge in the future and certainly drastically affects acceleration times.

Given the advancements of N63B44Tu engine, I'm not sure how Alpina can squeeze that much more out of it

I wonder how the S8 and B7 brakes perform...mine began to get hot after one lap on the Nurburgring

The interior and the exterior of the S8 scream "Buick" to me. Especially the interior, it just looks cheap.

I may test drive one for kicks, it wouldbe interesting to spin one around Nordschleife.

If you have a 2013 B7, please chime in.