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Originally Posted by TreDirtyFive
Originally Posted by filmoreslim View Post
I watched this a few times. A couple of observations from a 2013 F02 750Li xDrive owner:

not sure why they did not compare a SWB xDrive B7. Probably pulls another 5% off drag times

My car has no throttle response lag whatsoever in sport & sport+ mode

The S8 has launch control...might be something for B7 or M Sport Pkge in the future and certainly drastically affects acceleration times.

Given the advancements of N63B44Tu engine, I'm not sure how Alpina can squeeze that much more out of it

I wonder how the S8 and B7 brakes perform...mine began to get hot after one lap on the Nurburgring

The interior and the exterior of the S8 scream "Buick" to me. Especially the interior, it just looks cheap.

I may test drive one for kicks, it wouldbe interesting to spin one around Nordschleife.

If you have a 2013 B7, please chime in.
This is majorly subjective as taste varies dramatically with the cars in the upper echelon. And, of course, this being a BMW forum the bias runs deep and thick. I don't think either of these cars look proportionally pleasant, to me, from the outside. As for the interior, I've sat in the new S8 as well as an Alpina B7 and i have to say the Audi feels so much better in quality and finish (BUICK it is NOT) if not, maybe, a touch clinical and austere as well. The BMW, like most BMWs, seems just much more simple and "old" if you will but still quite luxurious. It's a comfortable place to be but not as progressive and modern IMHO. Take that with a grain of salt, I suppose, considering the range of demographic that purchase these cars.

Also, as far as I know, the S8 does not have launch control and they both use the same ZF sourced 8-speed Auto (non-Dual Clutch). Of course, the Quatro will give it an advantage off the line..but 3.5 to 60 and an 11.8 for such a heavy hunk of metal? That's a time, not just reserved for super cars but nearing even hyper car territory. Whatever the case, will guys owning these sporty executive saloons get hoodlum on it like these reviewers on the street? Not likely. It sounds a little ridiculous for these cars to be that fast but I have to respect the effort, technology, and passion these companies have to build these things. It's just awesome.
As noted by another guy on another board, for the numbers to be so far off, Audi must have provided a ringer car. Otherwise, why would Audi downplay their numbers so much?