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Originally Posted by JNoSol View Post
The trend continues as Audi spends more money towards performance R&D, while BMW spends more R&D focusing on the driving experience/comfort/material/design. Both cars lied on the dyno, Audi clearly underrated the crank output of the S8 and Alpina seems to overrate the crank output. Don't get me wrong, the S8 performance is impressive (nearly GTR territory).

Any company can make a fast car (i.e. CTS V, Mustang Shelby GT500, ZR1). People don't buy Ferraris and Lambos because they're the fastest for the money, at this price range it's all about the prestige, driving pleasure, and perfection. The Mustang Shelby GT500 can put the best Aston Martin to shame, but would an AM owner switch to a mustang because it's faster? No.

I also find it annoying that Cadillac ATS keeps advertising that it's better than a BMW 3 series (328i??). Or Lexus GS claims that it's better than a 5 series. Better in what ways? If you make good products, people will buy. No need to bash and Audi is notorious for ads that it's better than BMW. The last one I've heard compared the Audi S4 with the BMW 335i, really? It's a bit turn off just like Politics.

In short, this is an exclusive market segment. People who buy the Alpina B7 enjoy the rich history of Alpina and BMW, wanting to experience the latest that this partnership has to offer. BMW stops making the M7, which is probably a good business move as prestigious luxury sedan buyers don't want stiff suspension and a million HP under the hood.

those companies are just pathetic for bashing bmw.
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