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Originally Posted by flinchy
Originally Posted by smashhell
Originally Posted by MSPORTWORLD
Beautiful...I can definitely see one of these in my future as an executive cruiser. Now about those Powerball numbers!
TBH, you don't really need to win the lottery to afford one of these cars. You can afford them if you have one of the higher paid jobs(100k+ /year). And if you are a doctor of any kind you can buy a couple of them a year.
Over here, a 750li.. Well new, it's a $200k+ car

Used? They drop like rocks

760li's are a $300k car, but even a 2006-2007 model can be had for 100-150k
Where r u frm? over here, 750Li cost u around $350k. Unless u earned a salary of $500k-$1M a year. Otherwise, most rich professionals in Malaysia usually settle with M3 or 740Li.