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It's your battery. It's not charged enough anymore to power all the electronic gadgets during the time your cars engine is not running.

Happened to me so many bloody times. I'm on the 3rd battery and it's starting to happen again.

Worst part is that when the battery is down to it's last leg, the car will NOT allow you to turn anything on that it considers not necessary for the basic operation of the car. For example, last winter, it was like -15degC outside, I get into the car, internal light didn't come on (it was dark outside), I thought that was a bit strange, start up the engine, the steering wheel stayed in the upper most position, again strange, the seat didn't 'grab me' as it usually did, the navigation system was all screwed up, the radio station was on 87.7, the seat heater wouldn't turn on, the steering wheel heater wouldn't turn on, the blower for the heating system wouldn't turn on, etc... you get the picture. Brought it to the dealership and they confirmed the battery was almost dead. They disconnected the battery from the car and tested it over night. Conclusion, battery wouldn't take a charge. So they replaced it. A few month later, the same thing, so they replaced the replacement battery. Now a couple month later and all of this crap is starting up again....

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