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Originally Posted by dbs600
Every now and then (once every other week or so) something strange happens when I start my car where the radio is on and tuned to a station not programmed as a preset and which I would never listen to, as it's in another language. I assume it has something to do with user profiles, which I never set up, but its strange in that none of my other settings change and all of my presets are correct. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Thanks!
Well, I really use my car. I have rear cabled for mobile office. There are times when I idle for four hours while I work in the rear seat.

The trick, that I found, is to just leave the car on idle whenever you are using it. The battery holds up fine after two years.

The rear entertainment will power on immediately without having to start the engine. This is a nice feature for impatient kiddos. Nevertheless, if you are using anything in the car, keep the motor running. So long as its in a place that won't asphyxiate you.