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Originally Posted by giorgioarmani View Post
as nice as it is, id get an s8 for every reason alpina would want me to select the b7.
The S8 is overall a better car. Too bad design wise it is the Audi equivalent of the BMW 1 Series, in oder words the ugliest car in the line-up.

Originally Posted by EmPower View Post
Slowly it seems that the reign of BMW is coming to an end. The F01/02 and F07/10/11 chassis are not that great. They are heavy, less driver involving and just too big.

Audi and even Benz are catching up. The way things are going, in a few years they will pass BMW as better driver tools.

I loved the way the E9X drove, but all the new cars from Munich are way too big, heavy and soft. They really need to rectify this image if they want to keep enthusiasts happy. Going for the larger part of the pie dilutes their image and their heritage. I however do understand that auto manufacturers need to make more money to be able to invest in purist automobiles, but that has only held true for the likes of Porsche, nit a mainstream manufacturer like BMW. I don't think there is ANY model in their lineup that harks back to the pure driving pleasure like that of the E30/ E36 or even the E39 M5.

Hopefully that will change with the next generation, that will both look good and drive good. Looking forward to the next generation 7 Series with CF/Alu chassis.