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Review of the 2013 740i (loaner)

My 750Li has been in the shop for about 14 days now - one problem after another. My dealership is very busy and often does not have BMW's to loan, so I started off in a Rav4, 'upgraded' to a Subaru Outback (not a bad car!) - they felt bad for me so I eventually got a E92 328, the days kept adding up so they gave me a Active Hybrid 5 - and yesterday they finally broke down and gave me a 2013 740i.

I absolutely love this car. Having once owned a 2012 F10 535i and getting bored with it after a month I was unsure about the power plant in the 740's. I always assumed they would be woefully under powered. I was totally wrong, this car has more than adequate power, a good balance in the handling and the 8 speed transmission feel leagues better (somehow) than the one in my old F10. This car also has the LED headlamps which I am in love with - I will miss them when my car is out of the shop. The light output is sensational, you can really tell a dramatic difference in light distribution and beam dimension.

There's no real point to this post except to share with other N63 owners that the 740i should not be seen as a compromise. Instead I feel it's a very practical way to package a 7 series for someone that just wants to drive and doesn't necessarily need to always be first across the intersection.