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Originally Posted by jamesh View Post
I'm guessing BMW is saving the more aggressive design for its future CS model. Given that BMW has already confirmed the CS for production, it would not have made much business sense if the 7er were to adopt all of the styling cues of the CS. I agree that the 7 we see in these pictures look a tad conservative, but perhaps without all the tape, some more aggressive rims, and a lower suspension, the design will look compelling.

Even with the tape though, I already prefer this design to all of its competitors. The S has arches that appear like aftermarket tack-ons and the LS appears boat-like from certain angles.
Well that is true I guess. I think BMW could have made the grille more clean though like the CS concept instead of a million little slats. Also the front bumper is weak. If they havent messed up on the rear lights and bootlid, then yeah I would take it over the S-class or A8.

I hate the front of the S-class because it's so bland and doesnt look like a new gen model! The rear lights are also a joke but dont look AS bad as pics. The only time I like the new S-class is in AMG trim, but even still I prefer this new 7 series...and yeah the S wheel arches are a joke lol.