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Originally Posted by MI6 View Post

If you look at ALL details of the two INTERIOR pics you'll notice these are 2 DIFFERENT cars. Best proof- look at the two different instrument clusters.......the 7's has less demarcations for speed (just like the current 7) while the 5's cluster has more.
More proof- the frickin' door handles are different.

The little piece of paper? It is talking about DSC and if you look it has the logo for the ZF tranny next to the F01 header- no way BMW is going to go to that much trouble to fake that- or screw it up.

And yes- the new 7er will have the shifter moved back to the center console. BMW is doing this as the new 7 aims to be sportier than the current car- more of a return to the E38 style car. Source: CAR and Autocar magazine...

Sorry, but I'll take their insight anyday over some supposed BMW "exec".
Sorry, but I still think those are the same car. And I can also guarantee that the 7 will not have black plastic turn signal knobs and headlight switches. If that is the 7, the quality has gone down from the current. The door handles, from what I can tell, are the same in both.