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Originally Posted by v2bling View Post
I think its going in the right direction. Its going to be bad ass. Dont forget its not suppose to look aggressive.. Its a big body luxury car. The side is like the s class, but without the ugly fenders.. I think its going to be amazing. My dad is going to get it.. I need to see a better pic though .. I think its pimp ! They designed the concept cs .. Do you think they going to mess up on the 7 series? When they are gettin even more popular now days. People buying more 750 and 760's then benz' i think...
1) All BMWs past and present have looked aggressive, barring the pre-facelift current 7 series. This one should still maintain a degree of aggression, but it should be done so in the right way. Cheesy exhaust tips aren't the best way to do this, but as long as they're at least real then I don't mind too much.
2) The absense of any defined lines is what we're all complaining about (well not all of us apparently). The break in the character line also looks surprisingly left out (or severely diminished).
3) BMW managed to mess up back in 2002. No company is without their mistakes.
4) As nice as the current 7ers are right now, the S-Class trumps it in all the categories that matter most in this market segment, namely luxury and comfort. I don't think people are buying more 7's than S's atm. Benz has managed to dominate the upper ends of the car range while BMW tends to reign in the smaller car segments.
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