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Guys, this is F01 new gen. 7-series!

The knobs, buttons, trim are still pre-production prototypes - not the real ones (which will be galvanized metallic mostly. Also there will be different trims for F01 SWB (more sporty) vs F02 LWB (more luxurious).

And, yes: F01 will have more common interior with the other BMWs - think X6 / X5 style. Sporty elegance.

Also: many new high-end engines coming with F01 / F02, and much new tech. Especially chassis management stuff, and driving assistance systems. And do not forget the new 8-speed super sporty & super smooth ZF automatic. Dynamic xDrive will also be on board - optionally.

Design: evolution of E65 exterior (at least at front), with CS touches (side), and very elegant & interesting rear (tail lights). Overall appearence much sportier, simpler, and more elegant, less controversial than E65 - yet still very fresh & modern. Kind a back to E38 style. Sleek (but noth thin!) & this time with lower greenhouse - giving the car more sporty coupeish appearence.
F01 fits better in the current BMW line than E65 does. Interior will be of more standard layout & in line with latest BMW interior designs (think X5 / X6), with some new design cues & some very interesting trim options.

Mind that more special design (exterior & interior) is to be exercised on the upcoming BMWs new flagship: Gran Turismo (new 8er based on CS concept),, which will follow the CS concept design cues as much as possible.

Summary: F01 / F01 will be much more typical BMW (in all aspects) than the E65 was. Definitely won't stand out so much anymore as pre-FL E65 did.

PS: Official pics coming in 3 months (July), premiere at Paris Motorshow in October, sales starts a week or two later (in Europe; in US when F02 is available few months later).