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Originally Posted by gbelton View Post

i don't really think an explanation is necessary
You might think that, but I could not possible comment.[/quote]

Okay, I'll write down some observations.

Gear shift joystick and iDrive is positioned exactly the same.

As for the center instrument cluster, some of the same materials and buttons even seemed to be used, just arranged in a different order. Notice the temp gauges, the volume button. The layout is nearly identical if you flip the row of temp buttons and the row of media buttons.

Air vents and nav screen lok very very similar.

Even the damn steering wheel is identical except for the updated buttons on the 7, but this will change once the X5 gets the iDrive update.

And on the other side, the glove compartment opening is treated exactly the same as well.

And then there's the wood. On both the X5 and new 7 there is a row of wood going horizontally between the nav screen and instrument cluster, and then another going vertically surrounding the idrive and gearshift lever. On the old 7, wood dominated the interior, and surrounded the center stack which no other BMW (save for the 6) did.

My only issue with all of this is that the current 7 is totally in its own category, with layouts and buttons totally unique to the 7. No other car in the lineup shared anything with it at all, the steering wheel, instrument cluster, all unique.

Sure the new 7 interior looks great, but it no longer has the exclusivity of the current 7. Not even close.
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