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Cool BMW 7 Series Owners Manual - Animated Explanations

BMW 7 Series Owners Manual - Animated Explanations

By Horatiu B. as 3-Series

During the BMW 750Li test drive that I have done yesterday(the review will be up tomorrow), I decided to explore in more depth the new Navigation System and all of its features. The new 2009 BMW 7 Series models are coming equipped with an electronic format of their owner’s manual.

This is the first BMW model that will get the electronic format of the troubleshooting and instructions manual, but even more, it will include short videos demonstrating and explaining the features.

Even though I wasn’t equipped with high-end camera, I decided to take the time and go through all the animated explanations, hoping to learn more about the advanced features in the 750Li.

The manual is far more extensive than the features detailed in this video and there are at least few hundred keywords that one can search for, pretty much, anything you want to know about the new 7, it’s in this electronic manual.

Going back to the animated explanation, BMW felt that the following features are very important and hence the need of short video summaries: DSC Dynamic Stability Control, High-Beam Assistant, PDC Park Distance Control, FTM Flat Tire Monitor, Backup Camera, Side View, Speed Limit Detection, Lane Departure Warning.

The video is about 8 minutes long, but it’s very informative. Since I was using a small Flip HD camera with a built-in microphone, there is a bit of background noise, so please turn up that volume. I also posted two versions of the video since Vimeo offers a higher-quality image.
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