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Originally Posted by bavarian19 View Post
I have driven the redesigned S class and the 750 (the pre refresh ones). The S class got my vote of those two.

I appreciate many things about the 7's refresh, but the front end is absolutely killing me. Those enormous kidneys look terrible. I still might lean towards the S class if I was in that class of vehicles.
A friend of mine who works for MB had arranged for me to have a 2009 S550 4Matic AMG for a couple of days. Then I test drove the NEW 750 (which is a totally different car than the previous model)...

Well all I can say is that the S class didn't do it for me. Sure it's a nice car too, but in terms of interior styling, the 750 blows the S class out of the water. The controls on the S class dashboard felt like they are going to break off if you touch them just a bit too hard. The wired cover that the S class has on top of their command controller was absolutely annoying and useless with it's tiny little buttons inside. You are supposed to keep your eyes on the road and NOT have to look where those frigging buttons are!
Another thing I didn't like about the S class is it's steering column mounted gear selector (that's something I couldn't stand on the old 7 series too).
The S class also didn't have a rear entertainment system...

Anyway, I gave the S550 back and told him thanks but no thanks

Then I drove back to BMW and placed my order
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