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2011 750Li Xdrive Rear Seat Entertainment iPod Installation

Well, since BMW refuses to tell us anything useful or reliable about the people that bought 2011 cars post September build as to how we can exactly upgrade to the iPod out system, I took matters into my own hands.

Please see the attached pictures. I had to create this iPod device... I used the Apple A/V cable. Since it was white I had to take a few steps to make it not stand out so much!

I used an iPOD flex stand that plugs into the lighter. Next, I do not use the stand for the connection excepting for support. I ran the white iPod cable into a radio shack flex tube. I shoved the extra cable length under the back seat.

Surprisingly, none of these steps requires taking apart the car. I did try a black A/V cable but the shielding was horrible and the display had wavy lines when you plugged in the power while the car was running. The white Apple cable (white) works the best, but it also stands out on the black carpet.

The system is fast! It is ten times faster than DVD to select a program. Also, you can easily select your video from the location of the ipod. And it works just fine in a fixed location.

I am glad that BMW gave us the composite video and audio inputs; however, I wish they were in the trunk or rear seat armrest! Since it was out in the open this is the best I could come up with so far without actually having to take the car apart.

Let me know what you think.
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