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I have to tell you how mad I was at BMW when I found out that I did not get the rear iDrive controller. So, I buy this new car and all I wanted was the rear entertainment system. I start reading the manual and I discover that I did not get the rear iDrive controller. BMW does not care that I am upset.

My previous three (3) 750Lis all had the rear entertainment with rear iDrive. However, the 2011 did not come with rear idrive. I would have been "okay" with it had there been no other option; however, the bloody manual fully discloses that a rear iDrive system exists; yet, BMW never told me about it during the sales process.

So, I ended up with the remote instead of the iDrive.

The problem of course, is that BMW advertised "all sources" available for the rear entertainment system. This was not true. The navigation map is not available and clearly that is a "source." The nav system was on the three E65's that I had. But, now I cant get the nav on the rear screens. What a bunch of crap. The BMW brochures show the map on the rear screens for goodness sakes!

How did you get your rear iDrive controller? Was it a special option?