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The iPhone version of bimmerpost does not seem to display the flag. Canada seems to get all the cool stuff!

So, the iPhone cable has three (3) RCA connectors and a USB for power and data. The three RCA connectors represent line level audio (left and right), plus a composite video.

The apple cable while beautiful on it's own happens to be white. Not a good color for concealment. So, I tried a black cable with the same properties.

The apple cable and the black cable worked just fine with the motor not running. However, once the car was started I got mega interference with just the black cable. I don't think it is a ground loop as the interference wouldn't be dependent on the motor running in that case, right?

Rather, I suspect the interference was due to a noisy power bus once the car starts. The BMW power bus seems to be unfiltered to a large degree.

Of course, exacerbating the problem would be the fact that the sensitive line level cables are parallel to the USB power cable. Not to mention the fact the the USB terminates in a small multi purpose connector on the iPod. This connector on the iPod is something of a digital noise "wh.ore" if you ask me.

Do you agree or am I missing something basic?