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No failed attempt at all Drew

Originally Posted by dukec4s View Post
After your failed attempt to beat me out of my 21" 128's telling me they were not worth 2k, now I see you STILL have your wheels for sale.......the ones
you told me via email that you sold along time ago as you realized that you were asking too much....

I'll be happy to post your email and the ebay listing here if you wish.

You are a crafty one Carbinieri-One!
Quite the "wheeler" dealer.
Sold one set already and I have another set to sell. Sold them OFF of Ebay to a Local guy. Merely told you the truth on your wheels. Something you DON'T want to hear. I'm sorry it offended you. I offered you what they are going for on EBay and what I felt like paying. with the Curb Rash on your wheel and know that it would need to be refinished, I thought it was a decent offer.

The Silver ones are going for right around $2,000 or so. Some less and some slight more. I haven't seen a set of Silver sell for OVER $2,000 yet on there. Maybe your's will be the first. Good luck to you and your Auction. Oh by the way, weren't you the one that told me that you didn't HAVE to sell your wheels, YOU ARE IN NO RUSH, etc, etc.

It's funny that you have so much to say, but UNLIKE you, EVERYTHING I sell is FULL DISCLOSURE. You have YOUR wheels on Ebay and I noticed that you failed to mention the Curb Rash on the one wheel and didn't even bother showing any CLOSEUP pictures of your wheels.

God doesn't like ugly my friend! I will pray for you!