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Originally Posted by GreenPlease View Post
FWIW the last B7 was more powerful than the last 760i by about 40hp. I can't imagine that the 760i would go TTV12. Just doesn't seem right for a BMW. I could see a blown V10, but that's about it.

Not too surprised about the HP numbers. It's a 25% gain over stock. Assuming they stuck with stock internals, upgraded the intercooler, and reprogrameed the DME, that's a pretty healthy gain.
I know the last B7 was more powerfull then the 760, but this time, assuming that the B7 will actually have "only" 507hp, that won't be the case, because the new 760i will definitely have more than that. As far as the engine choices go i thing it has to be a TTV12, if BMW wants to compete with the MB S600.