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As Jeremy Clarkson said about the e92 335i.....'all you are saying is that you can't afford an M3'. True then, true today.

BMW continue to cheapen the ///M badge, a race to the bottom.
I miss Jeremy Clarkson. In regard to your assertion though, one argument that comes up a lot is that a well optioned G20 M340i costs too close to a base F80/82. That challenges the point you're trying to make.

If we decide to ignore that inconvenient counter point though, and further apply your logic, we can also conclude that a BMW M* driver simply can't afford a real luxury sports car like a Porsche.

Excellent response Fuller!
It's funny how you talk about egos and Metal objects and you agree to this? Lmao

Inconvenient counterpoint? Already owned 2 Porsches amongst other cars. Childish arguments.
Live and let live. If there are perceived "lesser" //Ms out there doesn't diminish the enjoyment of your "pure breed" M one bit.
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