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Originally Posted by ddk632
Sounds fishy.

First off note that residuals on the site are for 15k miles per year. Add 2% for 12k (59%) and 3% for 10k (60%)

If your cap cost is $70,400 and dealer says you are $9600 off, then they are using a cap cost of $80,000.

Clearly with $4k down (btw usually a bad idea unless you really really want to get the payment down by $120) this is based off the MSRP with the dealer adding some other cost to your lease. I would bet $1 they added $600 for clear plastic protector crap for your door handles. I'd get them to throw that in.

Also note you were not clear, is it $4k down plus inceptions, or $4k down total with inceptions? Inceptions include dealer fee, doc fee, registration, and first payment. So they are not a cap cost reduction, but usually it should be $2.5 to $3k for this car. Again this is why it is important to ask for itemized breakdown of the numbers.

Even if your $4k includes inceptions, and it's only a $1k cap cost reduction, and you get the option credit of $2500, it still shows me your dealer is basing all the numbers off of MSRP -- NOT invoice price.

Email a few other dealers with your offer and see if they play ball.
Yeah sounds like they are playing with the numbers. I decided to wait for the M5 to make its appearance in the US. Dealers are asking over msrp so I am going to wait