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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
IT''s...bland? What happened to this car? It looks slab-sided to me. Where's the sculpting a la the Concept CS? The hood, the lower door flaring, the character line, it was all reasonable on the CS and it's missing on this car.

The front bumper also looks like an afterthought. I was one of the few who loves the large lower dual air intakes that were on the CS. This just looks bland. C'mon BMW, pull through for me.

Hopefully those camo strips cover up some of the flaring.
+1 on the blandness. Doesnt look much far off the current 7 series in terms of bodywork. It just looks sleeker. Also, I made a post but dont know what happened to it...

I said...I love the low mean look of the CS but this new 7 looks a bit like the new Z4, even the front bumper. Hopefully it'll look a lot better in real-life!

Also, there's too many slats in the kidney grilles. I wanted it to be simpler ala CS Concept with fewer slats!