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Thanks for the new version of the app. I noticed an interesting combination of improvements and regressions. Here are my thoughts so far.

  • Prior to 4.0, the user info above the main menu (News, Forums, etc.) always read "logged out", even when I was logged in. Now, it appears to work correctly.
  • Prior to 4.0, I was not able to press the "Appreciate" button. Now, it appears to work correctly.
  • Prior to 4.0, when long pressing a thread, it would take to the top of the PAGE with the first unread post. Now, it takes me to the page AND scrolls to the first unread post -- a huge improvement!
  • Prior to 4.0, pressing emoticons while composing a message had no effect. Now, it appears to insert the code correctly.
  • The "refresh" buttons are gone and now uses "pull down to refresh" instead.

  • When visiting areas such as My Forums, Subscriptions, etc., they don't appear to update automatically. I have to pull down to get the thread view to refresh. Prior to 4.0, they updated automatically when selected.
  • Since 4.0, the "single click goes to last read post" option does not appear to work. Single tap always takes me to page 1, even if the option is selected.
  • I know you're already aware, but for completeness -- the system Back button does not work.
If we can address the regressions and keep the improvements, we'll be in great shape!
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