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Tried version 4.1 since yesterday. Big improvement!

I noticed the following regressions seem fixed:
  • Back button works now!
  • Single click goes to first unread post option works!
  • Refreshing the main views for Subscriptions, etc., seems to work better now. Still not entirely clear when it refreshes and when it doesn't.
Push notifications also seem to work, at least for News and PMs!

Here are some suggestions for improvement:
  • Tapping the notification for a PM should start the activity for the specific PM. Currently it just opens the main app window (News).
  • When creating a post or PM, tapping the body area once brings up the keyboard. However if I tap the title first, it does not bring up the keyboard. I have to tap the title a second time to get the keyboard to appear.
  • Great to see that Mentions work! Not sure if that was there before. It is a little difficult to use because the mention window obscures the text I'm typing. It is usable, just could be improved a little.
  • My own username (in the upper left corner when the top level app drawer is visible) still sometimes reverts to "Logged Out" even when I'm not logged out. Not sure what triggers this.
  • The login mechanism could be improved. AFAICT the way to log in is to hit Enter from the password field. A button or something would make this clearer.
But overall, this is a huge improvement from the pre-4.0 application!
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