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Originally Posted by teagueAMX View Post
I'm currious about this photo and maybe someone could shead some light on it.

What I'm wondering about the electric motor (No. 1 in photo) between the engine and the torque converter. Does that thing generate electricity for the batteries and then turn around and convert to power the transmission in hybrid mode?

I was thinking about the process - is this correct:
  • When you start off the gas engine powers the car and charges the system via No. 1.
  • Once the car is rolling and the batteries are charged, then No. 1 become a electric motor to power the transmission using battery power?

Those electrodes (red box on 1st photo) coming off the motor as massive. I figure they must be transferring and/or receiving huge amounts of power at low voltage. In the 2nd photo, notice how big the orange cables are going back to the batteries.

If there is enough power in the batteries, the car should be able to start moving with the electric motor and also kick start the V8. Both the V8 and the electric motor are used during acceleration and when the car is coasting or your braking, the electric motor is used as a generator and charges the battery to replenish the energy used during acceleration. The ActiveHybrid7 does NOT have an electric mode only like most other hybrid cars. This means that the car can not be driven on electricity only. The ActiveHybrid7 uses the electric motor during acceleration to enhance the performance of the car as well as the efficiency since the car will require the most amount of gas during acceleration.

I would assume that the (Lithium Ion) battery pack has a string voltage of 480Vdc or something thereabouts.
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