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Interesting that China and Pakistan can plant trees to offset carbon emissions, but our trees are somehow “carbon neutral”.

I’m assuming our oceans and lakes, which are also carbon sinks, are neutral as well...

While we import oil on the east from countries that support terrorism (without carbon taxes) we can’t get our oil shipped domestically.

While BC hinders Alberta’s quest for a pipeline that Morneaux said will bring $500 million in taxes annually; they get to consume Alberta oil, at their convenience and ship 30 million tons of coal, annually, to the East without any carbon taxing on that...while we support the foreign steel industries that compete with us.

We invite foreigners into our country, to lecture us in what we do wrong, and then they sell us windmills and solar panels, that because they’re tax exempt, becomes affordable and inky bolsters foreign business interests.

it must be a shelbyville idea to buy solar panels for a northern climate, with one of the largest oil reserves on the planet; but buys this crap on top of foreign oil, even though it’s not cost effective..

We’re told to do the right thing, and be a world leader...even though we’re carbon neutral.
It’s not my fault Pakistan, China and Europe has no trees and no domestic oil reserves.

Canada produces 716 million tons C02/ yr
30 % worlds boreal forest, 10% worlds forest in Canada @ 347 million hectares, absorbing 2220.8 million tons CO2/yr.

We represent 1.6% of global GHG’s and we have enough trees to pick up the CO2 from 3 to 4 other Canada’s.

But.....We have to do our share! Lol.

Anyway, I’m off to Walmart to buy merchandise from China and India, that doesn’t have a carbon tax, any human rights and produces 60% of global GHG’s....