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Originally Posted by MarkE90M3 View Post
Welcome to the real world. I can't stop someone who is selling an item from deciding he wants to sell it for more to someone else or somewhere else. I'm all about improving the forum, but you have to be realistic, I am not god and can't control what people do with their own property. I *highly* doubt that forcing someone to list a selling price will stop them from deciding he wants to sell it for more to someone else. I can just make a rule and say everyone has to list a price, but if I can't enforce it then its a useless rule. People will just say a price, and if they decide they want more for the item, they will lie and say its sold or come up with some other way out of it.

Also this thread is not the place to try and call out members who are selling items. If you aren't interested in bidding on someone's item then move on and don't give them your business.

In another thread someone made a constructive post and pointed out a nice product that has the classifieds listed in a more ebay style (but without the bidding part. And it forces people to list a selling price), Im looking into that now and I'm going to contract the writers of the software for some customizations. It looks promising, but the problem is that there doesnt seem to be any bumping ability which means there will be probably 10x the number of reposts which will take the quality of items listed on the first page down alot. So far there is no ideal solution, but I do firmly believe in a 'free market' and just because you can't get an item for a price that you want it for, doesn't give you the right to bitch and moan at a seller. Deceptive practices is a whole other ballgame, but just because a seller wants alot of money for what he is selling doesn't mean he is doing anything wrong. The marketplace will tell him he is asking for too much, etc..

I will keep looking for a more ideal solution that includes a mix of forcing people to list a price, but it needs to be something systematized and not just a 'rule' that I throw out there without enforcement. Give it time and we'll come up with something unique, just as we did for the vendors area.

Do it Supraforum style, they have a sticky in the for sale section, you post the item, you must have a pic, must have a price, or else the mods will delete the thread...simple as that, feelers aren't allowed either, all it does is waste forum bandwidth and clutter the marketplace with useless crap...

So it's like this, post the item, have pic of the item, price of the guys should have more moderators modding the F/S area rather than being strict in Off Topic, everybody knows every forum's Off Topic is the place to let it all hang and have fun...

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