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Originally Posted by Spool View Post
Do it Supraforum style, they have a sticky in the for sale section, you post the item, you must have a pic, must have a price, or else the mods will delete the thread...simple as that, feelers aren't allowed either, all it does is waste forum bandwidth and clutter the marketplace with useless crap...

So it's like this, post the item, have pic of the item, price of the guys should have more moderators modding the F/S area rather than being strict in Off Topic, everybody knows every forum's Off Topic is the place to let it all hang and have fun...
Thats called moderator abuse This place is alot bigger then supraforums and would need a full time moderator just to make sure everyone posted a price and picture, thats a waste of a moderators time. We'll come up with a more systematic solution.