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Originally Posted by E66er View Post
Yeah like the big grills on most luxury automakers...those Brits and their Rolls Royces...maybe are secretly Chinese. Lexus...omg...closet Chinese
Yeah, and have you seen the tiny grilles on the A8 and S-Class too?

In all seriousness, it's not just the Chinese, it's the Americans who like this style, except when Americans like it, it's called "road presence" and when the Chinese like it, it's "bad design". The Chinese are just a convenient dumping ground for opinions.

Besides, as I've said many times, people who are in the market for this type of car want it to look like it's as expensive as it is. These customers don't want to buy a 7 and have it look like a 3. Most of the peanut gallery commenting on it isn't going to spend that much money on a car like this (those who do are probably into sports cars, not executive sedans), but if they were going to, they would change their tune and want it to look like they had spent a lot.
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