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I'm very curious as to how this recall (whoops customer care package) will hold up here in Canada. I just gave my dealership a call to see what they think. They will call me back. I've had the injectors fail on me on this machine and it is ticking like crazy when idling which leads me to believe the timing chain isn't happy. The machine randomly throws drive train malfunctions and the battery isn't keeping the machine going any more. I've replaced the battery to the bigger one in the past, but it isn't up to the job any more. I can put the machine on a charger for 3-4 days and it still says dead battery and loses the time and date in it.

If I can get some of these issues with the car dealt with here in Canada I will be posting it on here for people to see what is happening. As for a replacement car while mine is in the shop - I'll be sure to let you know if I do or not for that as well! I rather expect that I won't be getting one, because I will give them my car for the diagnosis and then let them keep it till it is fixed and they don't like me putting thousands of km on a loaner.

As for everyone that plans to keep their car or owns it rather than leases it - I wish you all the best in getting this done. BMW loves to ignore problems until they are past due and this is a case where I expect they will be trying to weasel their way out of paying anything if they can.

I tell you what though, as soon as my 750 is out of warranty I will be trading it away ASAP.
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