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Agree. It feels like they want to hide the headlights instead of innovating on their design element. Reminds me of the days where carmakers had "pop up" headlights.
According to the designer, that’s exactly what they’re trying to do actually. In one of the interviews I saw he likened the car to a luxury villa, and the top DRL/crystals are akin to a kitchenette or bar where guests drink and mingle, while the lower projectors are like a 2nd kitchen in the back of the house where food is actually prepared. I swear to god I’m not making this up.

I do like the car a lot actually, designer babble aside. Hopefully an M60 makes an appearance in Monterey this week.
Okay- well believe it or not- this actually helps me a little digesting the design. I truly feel though the i7 is the winner here- with the x7 morphing to fulfill the purpose. We can't "unsee" 2019-2022 pre LCI. Where as- the i7 had this look from inception.

But I appreciate you letting me know this- I need to seek out the video and watch it…
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