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Originally Posted by stevexyz
Thanks for the new version of the app. I noticed an interesting combination of improvements and regressions. Here are my thoughts so far.

  • Prior to 4.0, the user info above the main menu (News, Forums, etc.) always read "logged out", even when I was logged in. Now, it appears to work correctly.
  • Prior to 4.0, I was not able to press the "Appreciate" button. Now, it appears to work correctly.
  • Prior to 4.0, when long pressing a thread, it would take to the top of the PAGE with the first unread post. Now, it takes me to the page AND scrolls to the first unread post -- a huge improvement!
  • Prior to 4.0, pressing emoticons while composing a message had no effect. Now, it appears to insert the code correctly.
  • The "refresh" buttons are gone and now uses "pull down to refresh" instead.

  • When visiting areas such as My Forums, Subscriptions, etc., they don't appear to update automatically. I have to pull down to get the thread view to refresh. Prior to 4.0, they updated automatically when selected.
  • Since 4.0, the "single click goes to last read post" option does not appear to work. Single tap always takes me to page 1, even if the option is selected.
  • I know you're already aware, but for completeness -- the system Back button does not work.
If we can address the regressions and keep the improvements, we'll be in great shape!
I have to say. Very accurate list!

The reason for the seemingly nonsensical mix of advances and regressions is that we decided to rewrite the base code all over to match the iOS version of the app. So something's went forward to match ios while other things seem to have gone back as they were not part of ios (such as back button).

But we are right now working on the next release to bring those other things forward (for example back button and push notifications are all ready for the next version)

We are also going to start working on some of the other regressions you mentioned. For example the single click not going to last read post, which I think only happens when launching from the subscriptions area (but works when launching from forums area)

As always please feel free to post up any other bugs you find it if you have suggestions. The beauty of android is that I can adress them quickly and get them out to the App Store fast. For example I will get this next version into the store either tonight or tommorow night
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