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Originally Posted by dbs600 View Post
Some questions:

1. Has anyone been everything short of turned away for bringing your car in for the campaign? After a blood pressure rising back and forth, SA states my car will be returned to me if parts need to be ordered and I'll have to schedule another appointment upon parts arrival. Seems absurd, as I'm experiencing a misfire at this time. Is it even safe to drive a car with a misfire?

2. Is every car that falls under the campaign entitled to an oil and filter change, even if out of warranty? Does it make a difference if the car had a recent oil and filter change (2,000+ miles ago)?

3. Is every car that falls under the campaign entitled to a new battery, even if out of warranty? Does it make a difference whether the car has the 90 amp battery or the 105 amp one? Seems every 90 amp battery should be replaced!

4. Would any of the parts under this campaign remedy a problem where it's difficult to fill one's gas tank because pump nozzles constantly shut off automatically (a problem I've had since my vent lines were replaced due to the smell of gasoline in my cabin)?

What a mess.

I can only answer or speak intelligently on a couple:

The first one: Based on my current experience, that sounds about right. Here's why... My car has been at my dealer since last Monday, the 4th of Jan. Once the car is diagnosed (specific codes are read and sent to BMW) BMW, not the dealer, sends a specific "package of parts" for YOUR vehicle.
My parts as of yesterday had not arrived yet. I can tell you based on my feedback (I'm a very detailed kinda person) delays in receiving these "Boxes of parts" is going to be VERY common and getting worse! I know 3 others whose cars have been at the dealer across the country for over a week like mine. Fortunately I was put in a new 5er (nothing like my 7 though). My SA also does NOT know exactly what is being replaced/repaired before the 'box' arrives. But it's safe to say it will be quite a bit.

Your other question: I have experienced multiple (as many as 14 misfires per cylinder!) and this is AFTER having had my injectors replaced 90 days ago! It is NOT normal but can be safely driven within a reasonable time frame and not 'pushing the car'.
As gar as the battery and oil change, it will be only on a case by case basis...

THIS is EXACTLY why I am surprised at all the 7 owners here NOT expressing more interest or sharing their own experience???

But oh well...
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