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Originally Posted by dbs600 View Post
Some questions:

1. Has anyone been everything short of turned away for bringing your car in for the campaign? After a blood pressure rising back and forth, SA states my car will be returned to me if parts need to be ordered and I'll have to schedule another appointment upon parts arrival. Seems absurd, as I'm experiencing a misfire at this time. Is it even safe to drive a car with a misfire?

2. Is every car that falls under the campaign entitled to an oil and filter change, even if out of warranty? Does it make a difference if the car had a recent oil and filter change (2,000+ miles ago)?

3. Is every car that falls under the campaign entitled to a new battery, even if out of warranty? Does it make a difference whether the car has the 90 amp battery or the 105 amp one? Seems every 90 amp battery should be replaced!

4. Would any of the parts under this campaign remedy a problem where it's difficult to fill one's gas tank because pump nozzles constantly shut off automatically (a problem I've had since my vent lines were replaced due to the smell of gasoline in my cabin)?

What a mess.

For reference, my answers to this in the 5 Series thread:

1) I would hope they get the parts in very quick, unless there is a shortage, which there shouldnt be.

2)The oil and filter change are only if you need your timing chain replaced. This is because they engine has to be removed and opened up to do the job, so the oil and filter needs to be changed regardless of when it was last done.

If your timing chain is not replaced there is no oil change required.

3) Batteries are only replaced free on cars still under the USA 4 year maintenance plan. The 90AH ones are being changed to 105 AH on the warranty cars because the 105AH will undergo less stress than the 90AH one.

You do not have to replace yours if out of warranty unless you are having low battery issues.
A proper Cteck battery charger used every couple weeks will massively help prevent any battery problems by keeping the battery fully charged.

4) No, that is a completely different issue. Sounds like a blocked vent or something.
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