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      02-15-2020, 04:40 PM   #23
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It’s a beauty, I love the colour! Enjoy it...

Originally Posted by Vinny49 View Post
After having Cadillacs (Escalades and CTS-Vs) specifically since 2007, it's "different." This is my first BMW and in fact, my first German car.

I really like the M760 a lot for it's looks, comfort and performance. It's extremely comfortable and very easy to drive (almost effortless) and the V12 just has so much torque - the power delivery is instantaneous. Yeah, the thing likes to drink gas like a college kid drinks beer at a keg party, but I knew and expected that going in. Eco Pro gives me the chance to drive it in NYC with "better" MPG but I'll spend the majority of time in Sport+ because I love the exhaust burbles.

I told LawGuy in a DM that I was comparing the M5 Comp, M8 GC Comp, B7 and M760. Talk about comparing apples, oranges and watermelons... but the Comps sucked me in due to the raw power and sound. I then looked at the B7 and M760 because my wife and I always admired the 7 since the early 2000s (E38?). The 760 won out due to the M package and V12. The Alpina was SO freakin hard to walk away from though. So hard.

I've not much to compare it to on a daily driver level yet besides the Escalade and the CTS-V. The Escalades I've had (most recently a '16 Premium) had a wonderful, comfortable interior that I'd put maybe at a tie with the 7. Leather for days, real "unfinished" wood inlays, memory seating, digital dash - great truck overall. Just got bored of them. The V, well that thing is violent. While the interior is gorgeous, the outside and the engine are absolute beauties and I plan on keeping both the 7 and the V to satisfy different urges.

What would I change? Well I've had it for about 3 weeks so far and I can't say too much, but I need to drive it more:
- Exhaust sound. Yep, I know 7's are luxo-barges intended to be floaty, quiet and like a little sanctuary on the inside, but I sorta want the floaty/sanctuary with a raucous exhaust note. The reason I came to BMW was because of the M5/M8 exhaust crackle.
- The US version (I think?) removes the M and V12 badging from the body. I've since put my own badging on (OEM V12 and M badges).
- I'd probably have upgraded the brakes if that was a possibly - larger pot calipers in the rear to help stop this missile. The big brakes on my V have me spoiled.

Any problems? A few electrical things...
- Well, the HUD disappeared on us for a few hours. Had to leave the car off overnight to get it back. Odd.
- Locking seems sporadic. Most of the time when I walk away it locks, but sometimes... it doesn't? Maybe because I opened the trunk? I don't know.
- The rear sunroof shade now won't open. It's stuck in the closed position and the tablet and front buttons to open it don't work. Very very annoying. I've tried looking at the fuses but I think the one I need is in the BDC, and I have no clue where to find it. Service scheduled... just hope they don't tear the thing up.

Overall - No regrets, been fun to drive, can't wait to flog it a little and go for a roadtrip. Electrical annoyances but I'm sure they'll sort out.

Also - sorry for the long post!!!

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      02-17-2020, 12:17 PM   #24
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I would say a BMW 550IX is closer to a 7 series and as fast as a M5. In regards to a bigger 7 series its personal taste. Biggest surprise when I was looking was the Genesis G90 which is really nice. I ended up with a BMW 640 GT which splits the difference as it holds enough for a long ski weekend.
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      02-19-2020, 01:37 PM   #25
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M760 and would NOT even think twice! Especially a 2020.

The car is sooooo much more impressive looking and feeling!

I honestly can't believe nor understand just how tiny and cramped a 5 Series is in the back. Now it's an impressive Sports Sedan no question. But the 7 has far much more "presence" and you're really not losing anything in performance.
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      03-01-2020, 02:10 PM   #26
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M760Li for sure, if you're okay with the extra price. The M5 is a good vehicle but IMO not worth the high sticker price. The M760Li might be though.
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      03-01-2020, 06:39 PM   #27

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Originally Posted by mjr24 View Post
If it's the LCI 7-series, I would go for that but it will be way more expensive. I am not a fan of the pre-LCI 7 series, I just don't think it looks very good or special.

I've had several M cars and my lease was just up on my M550i. I ended up choosing between the F90 M5 and a 2020 7 series. I loved the look of the 7 LCI but M cars are just special cars....and regardless of what one wants to think, the M550i-branded cars look basic compared to the real thing. I went with the M5. Again, though, the LCI M760 would be the best of both worlds...
Driven an F90 M5 around town, a fun car but I don't like how cramped it is so I passed..

I've driven the 2018 Alpina B7 I have for two years now, almost 45K miles on the car, it's been fun and the frozen white really turns heads...

The 2020 M760i has been here for a week now and my son and I both like the 2020 more, although close in terms of overall speed they deliver power a little different, at speed the M760 does jump a bit faster, the Alpina comes along but it takes just a little bit longer to get moving when already moving at highway speeds... Off the line the Alpina does seem to get up a bit faster but the M760 is a new car so giving it a little more time to work in, and G-Power will be there for me shortly....

The engine is a different sound and the torque response is different than the Alpina in a good way, overall it's a win with some of the features of the 2020 making the cockpit experience better, and the V12 is hard to ignore..

With that said Alpina definitely has a better program for the transmission and it's a noticeable win over my 2016 750, and 2020 M760i, they all feel sluggish shift wise relative to the Alpina... That is one thing I am exploring with G-Power, want to see what they can do because my Alpina told me there is much more you can do relative to BMW's program on the 7 series...
2018 Alpina B7 - Frozen White
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      03-02-2020, 12:17 AM   #28
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Very nice post!
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      03-02-2020, 01:26 AM   #29
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Maybe a bit late but i'd go for the M760
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